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We are thrilled to have worked and be featured on the outstanding  LITTLE SIMZ. album ‘ GREY AREA.

Listen to us on: ‘Selfish', ‘Offence', ‘Venom' and ‘Wounds’.

WATCH the video for  ‘SELFISH' Ft. Cleo Sol.



WATCH the video for ‘OFFENCE'.


READ: this article from the INDEPENDENT about ‘Grey Area’ 

LOVE this quote form the INDEPENDENT: “Venom”, which opens with a shiver of violins, is so menacing you wonder what kind of fool would dare to get in her bad books.

updated on 6/3/2019 14:00
JungleWATCHRosie Danvers in new collaboration with JUNGLE on their new single 'Keep Moving'.
posted on 4/5/2021 23:00
Paul WellerLISTENListen to Wired Strings on PAUL WELLER'S 'Gravity', from his album 'True Meanings'.
posted on 15/1/2019 15:00

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