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Rosie Danvers was invited by her long time collaborator KANYE WEST to write Orchestral arrangements for the entire ‘808 and Heartbreak’ album which they performed live at the
Hollywood Bowl on 24th and 25th September 2015.


The show featured Rosie’s ‘808' Orchestra led by J’Anna Jacoby, which she conducted, a choir, 100 performance artists, Jeff Bhasker and Mike Dean.


Quote from
Entertainment Weekly


'Fittingly enough for a venue that hosts the Los Angeles Philharmonic through the summer, he employed the better part of a symphony orchestra — a female conductor, string section, oboes and eight-person choir — to flesh out the album’s glitch-y New Wave sounds. The added instrumentation helped broaden 808s’ stark minimalism. But it also placed the songs in a new context.’

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'What the 808s performance at the Hollywood Bowl showcased, however, is that beneath the bravado, and God complex, there is a lonely artist with a true, creative voice struggling to communicate with the world.'


Rolling Stone
'Kanye West Turns '808s & Heartbreak' Into High Art at Hollywood Bowl'


The 808 Orchestra back stage at the Hollywood Bowl, in outfits designed by Vanessa Beecroft.


Kanye West Hollywood Bowl


Taking the final bow: Centre stage, from right to left; Jeff Bhasker, Rosie Danvers, Kanye West and Mike Dean’.


Kanye West Hollywood Bowl


Kanye West Hollywood Bowl


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